Visiting Rotterdam Farm Tanks

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Visitation Policies

Rotterdam Tank Farm constantly stores highly inflammable and hazardous material in our facilities so visitors visiting must understand the following. We always take security serious due to constant threats of terrorism, theft, violence, industrial espionage and sabotage.

Our policies on workplace visitors help maintain security, avoid distractions, protect the confidentiality of company operations, and maintain safety standards.

We remind our visitors that our facility is not open for tourism and all visitors visiting our tank farm facility must have an appointment approved by a department manager.

1. visitors visiting must sign in and out and must provide a valid international passport and visitation reference.

2. visitors must wear identification badges or passes on the jacket or shirt pocket at all times during their visitation in the premises to display that the individual is an authorized visitor.

3. visitors will be escorted by a supervisor at all times.

4. visitors are not allowed with recording device, video camera or taking pictures of the facility.

Any unauthorized visitation to the facility will not be allowed and will be treated as a threat to the facility and handed over to the appropriate authorities.

Visitation might be declined or pushed to a later date or time, if operations and processes are in progress such as during holidays, weekends, terrorist alerts or injections and unloading into the tank farm facility.

What not to bring

The following items are strictly prohibited:

  • cans and bottles
  • food or beverages
  • backpacks and bags larger than 14″ (35cm) wide x 13″ (33cm) high x 4″ (10cm) deep
  • aerosol containers
  • non-aerosol spray (prescriptions for medical needs are permitted)
  • any pointed object other then pens and pencils (i.e., knives, knitting needles, letter openers, etc.)
  • electric stun guns, martial arts weapons or devices
  • guns, replica guns, ammunition, and fireworks
  • knives of any size
  • mace and pepper spray
  • razors and box cutters
  • baseball caps and sunglasses cannot be worn during visitations